CIAJ’s 43rd Annual Conference: “Justice & Mental Health”

  • October 17, 2018
  • 8:00 am

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CIAJ’s 43rd Annual Conference: “Justice & Mental Health”

October 17-19, 2018, The Westin Ottawa
Program & Registration:

The 2018 Annual Conference offered by the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice (CIAJ) will address the way in which Canada’s justice system interacts with mental health at differing levels. The Conference will present a multidisciplinary analysis (calling upon experts in law, psychiatry, psychology and social work) of the challenges faced by the intersection of mental illness and the law. Over 40 speakers will discuss systemic issues, difficulties in the courtroom, philosophical considerations, necessary future improvements, and much more!

Special Guests
• Senator Kim Pate, Honorary Chair
• Elder Verna McGregor, Employment Counsellor, Minwaashin Lodge - Aboriginal Women's Support Centre; Kitigàn-zìbì Anishinàbeg First Nation

Physicians & Caregivers
• Dr. Patrick Baillie, Forensic Psychologist, Alberta Health Services
• Ms. Kimberley Brennan, MSW, RSW, Clinical Social Worker, Halifax
• Dr. Mathieu Dufour, Psychiatrist and Associate Chief, The Royal (Ottawa), President, Ontario Psychiatric Association
• Dr. Alexander Simpson, Chief of Forensic Psychiatry, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto
• Dr. Jeff Turnbull, Chief of Staff, The Ottawa Hospital
• Dr. Jeffrey Waldman, Forensic Psychiatrist, Assistant Professor, University of Manitoba

Representatives of organizations and institutions
• Ms. Louise Bradley, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mental Health Commission of Canada
• Deputy Commissioner Brenda Butterworth-Carr, Commanding Officer, E Division, RCMP
• Ms. Alanna Dunlop, Officer in Charge, E Division, Crime Prevention and Support Services, RCMP, Surrey
• Mr. Michael Gottheil, Chief of the Commission and Tribunals, Alberta Human Rights Commission
• Ms. Sherry Lercher, Probation Officer, Manitoba
• Sgt. Heather Matthew, NCO i/c Vulnerable Persons Section, RCMP, Surrey
• Ms. Kimberley Murray, Assistant Deputy Attorney General, Aboriginal Justice Division, Ontario (TBC)
• The Hon. Justice Richard D. Schneider, Ontario Court of Justice; Chair, Ontario Review Board
• Dr. Patrick Smith, CEO, Canadian Mental Health Association–National
• Ms. Lisa St. Pierre, Program Manager, Canadian Mental Health Association, Ottawa Branch
• Mr. David A. Wright, Chair, Law Society Tribunal, Ontario
• Dr. Ivan Zinger, Correctional Investigator of Canada

Lawyers & Professors
• Ms. Julie Baril, Director of Legal Office, Tribunal administratif du Québec
• Prof. Emmanuelle Bernheim, Faculté de science politique et de droit, Université du Québec à Montréal
• Ms. Jean Buie, Lawyer, Social Benefits Tribunal, Ontario
• Prof. Jennifer Chandler, Faculty of Law - Common Law Section, University of Ottawa
• Prof. Anne Crocker, Ph.D, Director, Research & Academics, Institut Philippe-Pinel de Montréal; Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Université de Montréal
• Ms. Véronique Fortin, Associate Professor, Université de Sherbrooke Faculty of Law, Member of the Critical Legal Research Laboratory
• Ms. Emily Hill, Interim Legal Advocacy Director, Aboriginal Services, Toronto
• Ms. Lucie Joncas, Desrosiers Joncas Nouraie Massicotte, Montreal
• Dr. Jamie Livingston, Associate Professor, Department of Criminology, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax
• Ms. Mary Marshall, Meadows Law, Edmonton
• Ms. Aileen McGinty, Crown attorney, Public Prosecution Service, Dartmouth, Nouvelle-Écosse
• Mr. Patrick A. Molinari, Ad. E., FRSC, Lavery Lawyers; President, CIAJ
• Prof. Hugues Parent, Faculty of Law, Université de Montréal
• Ms. Tess Sheldon, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Windsor, Toronto
• Ms. Anita Szigeti, Founding Principal, Anita Szigeti Advocates, Toronto

• The Hon. Justice Kathleen J. Caldwell, Ontario Court of Justice, Toronto
• The Hon. Judge Renée Cochard, Q.C., Provincial Court of Alberta, Edmonton
• The Hon. Justice Anne-Marie Hourigan, retired judge, Ontario Court of Justice
• The Hon. Justice Georgina Jackson, Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan; Past President, CIAJ
• The Hon. Judge Dominique Larochelle, Court of Québec
• The Hon. Judge Magali Lewis, Court of Québec
• The Hon. Judge Lore M. Mirwaldt, Court of Queen's Bench of Manitoba
• The Hon. Justice Gerald M. Morin, Cour provinciale de la Saskatchewan, Prince Albert
• The Hon. Justice Michelle O’Bonsawin, Cour supérieure de justice, Ontario
• The Hon. Justice James O’Reilly, Cour fédérale; premier vice-président, ICAJ
• The Hon. Justice Heather Perkins-McVey, Ottawa Mental Health Court
• The Hon. Justice P. Colleen Suche, Court of Queen’s Bench of Manitoba; CIAJ Second Vice-President

Student Panel
• Mr. Nathan Afilalo, Law Student, Faculty of Law, McGill University; CIAJ Summer Student
• Mr. Orlando Da Silva, Senior Counsel, Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General; Motivational Speaker
• Ms. Ellen Huang, Law Student, Faculty of Law - Common Law Section, University of Ottawa ; Founder, “The Elephant in the Room”
• Ms. Jessica Simon, Equity & Wellness Counsellor, Faculty of Law - Common Law Section, University of Ottawa
• Ms. Shannon Snow, Law Student, Faculty of Law, McGill University; Co- Founder, “Healthy Legal Minds”