Whether you are a paralegal student, new licensee or an experienced paralegal, we welcome you!

The Ontario Paralegal Association is more than a body of professional paralegals; we are a driven community that advocates for you!

Benefits of Membership

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Free monthly CPD sessions
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We have a strong, unified, and proven effective voice to advocate for you by:

  • Intervening in pressing cases that affect how paralegals work and gain revenue;
  • Fighting for the rights of Ontarians to receive better access to justice;
  • Working hard to get you the best offers and discounts from professional organizations;
  • Posting jobs from major and boutique businesses and firms for our members;
  • Connecting students with industry leaders to help foster organic business relationships;
  • Offering live and archived video recorded CPD education seminars;
  • Providing forums geared toward specific practice areas;
  • Proferring referrals from the public;
  • Raising public awareness about the roles and services of Ontario Paralegals; and
  • Much more.

Membership Types

Associate Member

Any person who holds a P1 license as issued by the Law Society of Upper Canada, and whose status is defined as “Not Providing Legal Services” by LSUC, may at his/her option, be entitled to an Individual Associate Membership in lieu of an Individual Voting Membership


$75 / Year

Plus HST

Individual Voting Member

An y person who holds a P1 license in good standing as issued by the LSUC and who supports the objectives/Mission Statement of the Corporation and agrees to abide by the Code of Ethics, may be entitled to a Voting Membership

(Voting Member)

$175 / Year

Plus HST

Please note that on December 01st, 2018 the membership fee for 2019 will be reduced to $175 plus HST. ($197.75)

Student Member


Voting Membership gets you access to all events, benefits and educational materials.

Memberships are non-refundable.

Please note that as of December 31st, 2018 all student memberships will expire and the renewal for 2019 for students will be $25 plus HST ($28.25) The reason for the change is to allow the Ontario Paralegal Association to enhance our education of the public on the role of paralegals.

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