Sean O'Connor



Sean L. O’Connor began his career as a paralegal in 1998 and has been a member in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario since licensing in December 2009. Sean has been a voting member of the Ontario Paralegal Association since it was formed.

Sean regularly represents individuals at COA tribunals, Criminal Courts (summary), Small Claims Courts, LTB, WSIB, HTA, and AGCO as well as at the LAT. He provides focused representation for complex cases and Appeals in the Ontario Provincial Court system.

Among his personal, charitable, and professional endeavours Sean O’Connor has established a record of success, and maintains an excellent professional record for advocacy, community-service and professionalism.

I am honoured by my appointment to the Board of Directors, and I verily will discharge my duties with the same vigour and diplomacy as I do for my clients every day. I look forward to making membership and inclusivity initiatives a priority in whatever I am asked to do.