Roseann Regina

Secretary - Liaison to Student Committee & Co-Liaison to Education Committee


Roseann Regina was the Chair of the Events Committee at the OPA from approximately February 2016 to June 2017. She has been licenced by the LSO since October 2015 after graduating from Sheridan College and being one of 700 plus people to write the first substantive paralegal exam.

Roseann took the legal assistant program at Sir Sandford Fleming in 1994 but had to step back after a year. She then had the leadership role of day-to-day operations of running her familyís residential and commercial properties before becoming licenced. Working as an agent for the landlord at the LTB she has over 25 years of experience in the area of the Residential Tenancies Act. as well as experience in various areas of law relating to the businesses. Roseann has over 15 years of experience of running a multi million-dollar corporation from the ground up with limited funds and staff while still substantially raising the cap rate.

Roseann joined the OPA as a member but quickly became a volunteer and advocate for the organization and the paralegal profession. She envisions many ways to increase and retain the Ontario Paralegal Associationís numbers not only in regions outside of the GTA but also to strengthen the relationship with current members. Roseann would like to see the OPA grow to itís full potential and gain the respect it deserves.

Roseann owns and operates her own paralegal practice. She still helps her family with their businesses and makes time to volunteer. She frequently gave her time to several organizations before volunteering for the OPA. Roseann has volunteered in person and behind the scenes at many OPA events by providing coffee and snacks, organizing and registering at the CPDís to assisting at Regional events and keeping track of members cpd attendance. Even when not on a committee Roseann assists volunteers whenever they call. Roseann is always prepared, on time and willing to work no matter how pretty the job was.