Jeanine Bott-Appleton

Director - Liaison to Events Committee


Jeanine brings her many years of experience from working on and with committees, boards and executives. As the Secretary Treasurer for a large media union here in Toronto Jeanine was extensively involved in all aspects of the Unionís business. From organizing meetings and events to negotiations and advocating for the members, Jeanine has done the job. She has worked with both of the Paralegal Associations in the GTA; the Toronto and Mississauga Associations as well as with the Toronto Labour Council and their Labour History Projects.

Jeanine started advocating for her fellow workers at CityTV back in 1988 soon after she started working there. It didnít take long before CityTV was organized and through commitment and long hours the members achieved their first contract in 1989. Jeanine remained involved at her workplace and was elected to the initial Executive Board as VicePresident. Over the following twenty-one years Jeanine was elected and held positions within her Local Union of the Vice-President, Treasurer, and Steward and outside her local Union Jeanine represented broadcast workers on a National Media Council.

Jeanine embarked on a second career in 2015 deciding to enter the legal world and was licensed as a Paralegal in 2016. Wanting to continue her advocacy on a wider scale, Jeanine joined OPA in December 2015 where she was not just a member but volunteered on the Events Committee. Why? Because Jeanine had an interest in making sure the members were well catered for and enjoyed their time at the monthly CPD meetings, at the annual general meeting and at the holiday party. Having done a few of these things over the years she thought she could add something to the mix.